Lasker but not least

Research in the fields of microRNA, statins, and antibiotic resistance have been rewarded with the Lasker Awards given by the Albert & Mary Lasker Foundation, at a ceremony to be held September 26 in New York City. Victor Ambros, of the University of Massachusetts Medical School, in Worcester, David Baulcombe, of the University of Cambridge, and Gary Ruvkun, of Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School share the Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research for their roles in the discovery of microRNAs. Akira Endo of Biopharm Research Laboratories, in Tokyo, receives the Lasker-DeBakey Award for Clinical Medical Research for his discovery of mevastatin (compactin), the first statin drug. Stanford University School of Medicine microbiologist Stanley Falkow receives the biennial Lasker-Koshland Award for Special Achievement in Medical Science for his pioneering work on bacterial antibiotic resistance. Each award carries a $300,000 honorarium and an inscribed statuette.