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CHEM SHOW Nov 1-3 2005
The CHEM SHOW, North America's largest process equipment and technology exposition, gives you direct access to equipment, systems and services by the CPI's most innovative suppliers — companies who can help you improve product quality, lower operating costs, and increase efficiency.You'll find the...
United States [in English]
The Annual Conference on Soils, Sediments and Water Oct 17-20 2005
, thisThe Annual Conference on Soils, Sediments and Water, this year, October 17-20, 2005, at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst has become the preeminent national conference in this important environmental area. The conference attracts 700-800 attendees annually which includes a wide...
Symposium: United States [in English]
21st Asilomar Conference on Mass Spectrometry Oct 14-18 2005
The purpose of the Asilomar Conference on Mass Spectrometry is to provide an international group of scientists a forum for in-depth and informal discussion of the most recent developments in an area of mass spectrometry, with the intent of stimulating creativity, critical thinking, and the exchange...
Conference: United States [in English]
Polymorphism and Crystallisation Chemical Development Issues Oct 12-13 2005
The reproducible production of organic crystals in the correct form (habit, solvate, polymorph) and particle size is a subject which causes much heart-ache to chemists, engineers, pharmacists and formulators. Although production of new polymorphs and solvates can be a source of profit for companies...
Conference: United Kingdom [in English]
Bioterror Oct 11-13 2005
The Bioterror 2005 conference seeks to explore the intersections and bridge the disconnections between public health, law enforcement and defense, for the ultimate improved safety and security of the USA and our allies. Partnerships in Ensuring Effective BiodefenseFraming the Issues of Responding...
Conference: United States
Cordia EuropaBio Convention 2005 Oct 11-13 2005
Europe's premier biotechnology event 1. Are you a business leader in the Biotechnology industry?2. Is the future of European Biotechnology important to you?3. Are you involved in shaping strategy in your business?If you answered YES to more than one of these questions then you need to take part in...
Conference: United Kingdom
eCheminfo US Autumn 2005 InterAction Meeting Oct 11-12 2005
eCheminfo’s InterAction Meetings brings together researchers, industry experts and managers, academics and solution providers with the common interest of improving the productivity and effectiveness of modeling and informatics methods in drug discovery, design and development. In addition to...
Meeting: United States [in English]
Congress on Biotechniques for Air Pollution Control Oct 5-7 2005
The Congress will cover multidisciplinary aspects related to the biological removal of volatile pollutants. Results on both fundamental and applied research focusing on engineering and microbiological aspects are welcome.
Conference: Spain
Solar Power 2005 Oct 5-19 2005
SOLAR POWER 2005 is the can't-be-missed event for anyone involved in or interested in learning about solar technologies and markets. Solar electric (photovoltaics), solar water heating, and concentrating solar power will all be covered at Solar Power 2005.
United States [in English]
First European Conference on Chemistry for Life Sciences Oct 4-8 2005
The Department of Food Science - University of Bologna&the Luigi Sacconi Foundation have the pleasure to invite you at the event #313 of the EuCheMS (European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences)with the support of the Division of Chemistry of Biological Systemsof the Italian...
Conference: Italy