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Principles of Pharmacy Education Nov 6 2006
RPSGB has initiated a consultation on education in pharmacy in the UK and in parallel, the Academy has been reviewing its strategy in this area. The timing of this symposium should allow many of the underpinning issues to be debated and the key points fed into the consultation process. Given the...
Symposium: United Kingdom [in English]
The Chemical and Petrochemical Industry HSE Conference 2006 Oct 24-25 2006
The Chemical industry faces many challenges in the 21st century;increasing production costs, improving the image of the industryin the public sphere, and achieving regulatory compliances. Asa result, the role of HSE in Chemical Companies has never beenmore important. Chemical companies must...
Conference: Belgium [in english]
1st International Symposium on Transparent Conducting Oxides Oct 23-25 2006
Over the past a few years, there has been an explosive growth of interest in both fundamental research and industrial applications of Transparent Conductive Oxides (TCOs). This unique class of fascinating materials is entering a variety of cutting-edge applications, such as, solar cells, gas...
Conference: Greece [in english]
Reduced Nitrogen in Ecology and the Environment Oct 13-18 2006
Nitrogen, contained in amino acids, proteins, and DNA, is necessary for life. While there is an abundance of nitrogen in nature, almost all is in an unreactive form (gaseous nitrogen, N2) that is not usable by most organisms. In the absence of human intervention, the supply of reactive nitrogen in...
Conference: Austria [in English]
Nontechnology Oct 13 2006
Conference: Russia [in Russian]
eChemicals Oct 4-5 2006
Manufacturers of chemicals products have to not only toproduce economically but they must also be able to marketboth chemicals and technology effectively. Customers interactwith chemical companies in many ways and channels ande- business in chemicals is still rising on its importance.Leading...
Conference: Netherlands [in English]
ELNs and Laboratory Informatics 2006 Sep 26-27 2006
Over the past 5 years ELNs has established itself as the leading European forum for Electronic Laboratory notebooks. Building on this unique experience ELNs continues to provide interactive sessions, industry case studies and technological advancements to the global leaders in laboratory...
Conference: United Kingdom [in English]
The Scale-Up of Chemical Processes Sep 25-27 2006
Since the first conference in 1994, this 3 day event has become established as the major international forum for the discussion of all aspects of Chemical Scale-Up and Optimisation. As in previous years, we have invited a number of speakers who possess unique expertise in their particular field,...
Conference: Portugal [in English]
Sorbents for Life Quality Sep 18-23 2006
Conference: Russia [in English and Russian]
2006 EUCHEM Conference on Molten Salts and Ionic Liquids Sep 16-22 2006
Molten salts and ionic liquids are both liquid salts containing only ions - they are thus the same subject. All that is different is the temperature! Both fields involve the study of Coulombic fluids for academic and industrial purposes; both employ the same principles; both require skilled...
Conference: Tunisia [in English]