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Controlled Substances and the Hospital Pharmacy - Webinar By MentorHealth Aug 6 2013
This webinar will cover several recommendations to improve the hospital's Due Diligence when dispensing Schedules II through V controlled substances in a hospital setting and what steps that can be taken to detect and prevent the illicit use or diversion of any controlled substance. Price: $175
Webinar: United States [in English]
Quality Management and Risk Management - Webinar By MentorHealth Aug 1 2013
Overview: This is a course that anyone in a hospital or clinic who might be involved in conducting a clinical trial should take. If they have never been involved they will learn what one is, if they have done clinical trials it will be useful to put everyone on the same level as far as terms and...
Webinar: United States [in English]
Surviving a Security Audit: Utilizing the OCR Protocols to conduct a Mock Survey - Webinar By MentorHealth Jul 26 2013
In this presentation we will discuss the objectives of the HIPAA/HITECH Security Audit, How to accomplish this Audit, How to report within the organization, the fines and penalties that could occur, what steps you can take to document your compliance and the roles and responsibilities within your...
Webinar: United States [in English]
2-day In-person Seminar on Effective Complaint Handling, Medical Device Reporting and Recalls at Boston, MA Jul 25-26 2013
An effective complaint handling system is an extremely important part of any quality system. Manufacturers should understand that any complaint received on a product shall be evaluated and, if necessary, thoroughly investigated and analyzed, and corrective action shall be taken. Medical Device...
Conference: United States
2-day In-person Seminar on Statistics for the Non-Statistician at Los Angeles Jul 18-19 2013
The course covers the use of statistical software packages and the role of software in statistical analysis and statistical process control. Areas addressed include how to use statistics to properly trend data, support the annual product review, justify process changes and set product...
Conference: United States
Method validation Jul 2-4 2013
This course will help you: • Understand method validation and its requirements • Select and apply the statistics required during method validation • Select and use the appropriate types of method validation studies • Appreciate and understand the link between method validation and measurement...
Course: United Kingdom [in English]
CHI's Structure-Based Drug Design Jun 19-21 2013
At CHI/Bio-IT World's thirteenth annual Structure-Based Drug Design conference, you will hear about developments in insilico technology, as well as experimental approaches useful for accurately predicting and modeling the structures of proteins in structure-based drug design efforts. In addition,...
Conference: United States [in English]
Introduction to method validation for biologists Jun 6 2013
The benefits of the course are:- Understand the general principles and importance of method validation for biological analyses to obtain valid analytical results.- Understand the concept and importance of method performance parameters to evaluate/verify a biological method (what about pre-validated...
Course: United Kingdom [in English]
Pharma Outsourcing and Procurement Summit 2013 Jun 5-6 2013
The Pharma Outsourcing and Procurement Summit addresses the urgent need for the pharma industry to identify and locate the best pharmaceutical outsourcing partnerships and solutions to stay competitive in an uncertain climate whilst addressing heightened regulatory pressures and need to maintain...
Conference: Germany [in English]
Choosing the Right Target in Drug Discovery May 15 2013
This symposium will cover the current approaches to novel target selection in drug discovery. The differentiation of drug candidates through on- and off-target mechanisms and pathways will be discussed. Methods for target validation, mechanism clarification, measuring or predicting tractability,...
Conference: United Kingdom