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Technical Chemistry: from Theory to Praxis Sep 20-22 2016
Conference: Russia [in English, Russian]

Institute of Technical Chemistry of Ural Branch of the RAS (City of Perm, Russian Federation) announces its biannual International Conference “Technical Chemistry: from Theory to Praxis”. The Conference is hosted by Institute of Technical Chemistry of Ural Branch of the RAS and financially supported by Perm Region Administration and by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research. This event provides a stimulating environment for chemical professionals to network, exchange ideas and learn about new research in their respective areas of interest.
Scientific program will include plenary (30 min.), oral (15 min.) presentations and poster session highlighting the latest basic and applied research work in organic chemistry, in material sciences, and sharing best practices. The conference languages are Russian and English.
Priority areas:
• Organic synthesis: targeted functionalization of natural compounds against viral diseases;
• Low-tonnage chemistry for needs of pharmaceutics;
• Process chemistry: extraction and ion flotation techniques in hydrometallurgy to process depleted ores and metallurgical wastes;
• Process chemistry: catalysts for pollution-free destruction of solid and liquid wastes.
• Nanotechnology: synthesis and investigation in structure and properties of nano-dispersive fillers for polymeric composites; super hydrophobic and super oleophobic surfaces;
• Carbonic materials as raw materials for graphites in atomic energetics, in aerospace industry and electronics;
• Polymers: (a) functional elastic composites with micro- and nano-dispersive fillers; (b) high-density thermoplasts of new generation; (c) energy-dissipating polymeric systems based on block-structured polyurethanes; (d) frost-resistant composites for Far North and Arctic regions;
• Composites: development of special-purpose materials for protection of constructional elements, for fire safety.

Event Location:
Acad. Korolev St., 3

Viktor Valtsifer (send an email)
Acad. Korolev St., 3
Early registration: Friday, July 15, 2016
Posters: Monday, August 1, 2016
Keynote speakers:

Invitations have been sent out.

Session titles:

Organic chemistry and heterogeneous processes (with respective subsections), Polymers and composites

Registration fees and grants:

150 euro for all non-invited speakers, 75 euro for students and post-graduate students. Invited (plenary) speakers are exempt from registration fee and accommodation expenses.


Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Perm Region Government