Botox and scars

Botulin toxin has gained a reputation as the face-tightening reagent of choice among those whose facial collagen is not quite as elastic as it once was. However, researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota have discovered that the deadly biological agent could be effective in treating facial wounds during the early healing phase and improve the appearance of the scar that forms subsequently. "Our findings show that botulin toxin offers an additional tool in preventing the formation of bad scars," explains Holger Gassner. The team published their findings in the August issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings. The team found that injecting botulin toxin into a wound, whether dog bite, motor accident, or assault, or following a skin biopsy paralyzes the surrounding tissue. This creates a smooth surface in which the wound can heal more effectively without wrinkling. The same technique could be used to remove old, ugly scars and allow skin to heal smoothly in its place.