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Hard Silicon Wafers Yield Flexible Electronics  February 14, 2014
Electronics: New silicon exfoliation technique converts rigid electronic devices into ones that could be worn or rolled up
Navy: using seawater for fuel  April 14, 2014

The US Navy is working on technology to convert seawater into fuel to power unmodified combustion engines.

Bendable Silicon Electronics  February 20, 2014
Materials: Exfoliation technique converts rigid silicon devices into flexible ones
Plastic Films Pin Water Droplets Like Rose Petals Do  January 22, 2014
Materials: Researchers print nanoscale patterns into the surface of plastic films to prevent water droplets from rolling off
Cleaner Graphene Offers Better Device Performance  February 10, 2014
Materials Science: A novel technique allows engineers to build graphene-based electronics without contaminating or damaging the material
Silk Fibers Grow Directly On Graphene  January 31, 2014
Materials Science: The strong, flexible, and conductive nanocomposite of silk and graphene could be used to make biosensors or scaffolds for tissue engineering
New 3D Printed Car Design Challenge Launched by Local Motors  April 16, 2014
Local Motors, Inc. announces the launch of the 3D Printed Car Design Challenge to inform and influence the design of the vehicle that will be manufactured at IMTS – The International...
Polymer-Peptide Conjugate Redirects Amyloid Fibril Growth  April 10, 2014
Self-Assembly: Researchers design a macromolecule that causes amyloid-β peptide to assemble into discrete nanostructures instead of fibrils
NASA ‘Create the Future’ Design Contest Sponsored by Mouser and Analog Devices  April 16, 2014
Mouser Electronics, Inc., a leading engineering resource and global distributor of semiconductors and electronic components, is sponsoring the 12th annual NASA Tech Briefs magazine “Create the...
Speakers Announced for Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo in South Korea  April 16, 2014
Mediabistro Inc. announced the speakers for the Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo with Maker Summit & Pavilion, taking place in South Korea June 12-13, 2014. Inside 3D Printing, which held...
Paper Spray Ionization With A 3-V Battery  March 30, 2014
Carbon nanotube-coated paper reduces the voltage needed for paper spray ionization from 3 kV to 3 V
Lipoprotein Nanoparticles Boost Memory In Mice With Alzheimer’s  March 5, 2014
Nanomedicine: Particles that resemble high-density lipoprotein clear out clumps of amyloid-β
Researchers Shrink Carbon Nanotube Circuits  April 1, 2014
Electronics: New carbon nanotube transistors reach 20 nm—the size of current silicon ones
Implantable Metal-Filled Particles Activate Cancer Drug  February 23, 2014
Oncology: Strategy restricts chemotherapeutic agent's toxicity in cells
Smartphone Attachment Detects Ionic Mercury  January 29, 2014
Water Analysis: With the snap of a picture, a new device could screen for the toxic metal
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