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Submitting an Event

by Daniel Fishman last modified 05-22-08 04:00 AM

Step by step instructions for members to submit events to the ChemWeb Event Calendar

Any registered CemWeb member may submit an event to be included in the ChemWeb Event Calendar. 


Step 1)  Click on the events link in the top navigation bar.

Step 2)  Click on add conference in the light orange view tab. 

  • While the link says add conference  you can add almost anything, meetings, seminars, trade shows and online webinars.  We need to change the link to say add event. 
  • If you do not see the add conference link you need to login with your ChemWeb username and password.  Only members can add events.  Membership is free and only takes a few minutes to sign up.


Step 3)  Complete the event form.  Please provide as much information as possible.  Be sure to press save at the bottom of the form.  If there are required items that are missing information the form will redisplay indicating which fields must be completed. 

Step 4) Once you have completed the form and clicked save you are ready to submit the event for approval by a ChemWeb Editor.  In the upper right of the peach color edit  tab you will see "state -> public draft".  Click on public draft and select submit from the drop down menu.

That's it.  Your event will be reviewed by a ChemWeb Editor in a matter of days and posted to the calendar, or you will be contacted. Questions?  Use the contact page and we will be pleased to help.


Environmental Engineering and Management Journal

Posted by MARIA GAVRILESCU at 05-16-08 10:33 PM
Dear Ladies and Sirs,

We are very happy to have the opportunity to inform that our Department of Environmental Engineering and Management of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Protection - Gh. Asachi Technical University of Iasi, Romania launched in 2002 a quarterly publication in our field: Environmental Engineering and Management Journal (EEMJ), which appear in six issues, since 2006. In the course of the year 2008, we will publish the Volume 7 of the journal.
EEMJ publishes: original communications on important new research or further developments in the areas of chemical/environmental engineering, management and education; reviews, mainly of new rapidly developing areas of environmental protection; special theme issues on relevant topics; advertising, book reviews, in the following areas:
- environmental impact assessment;
- environmental integrated management;
- risk assessment and management;
- environmental chemistry;
- environmental protection technologies (water, air, soil);
- pollution reduction at source and waste minimization/pollution prevention practices;
- chemical and biological process engineering;
- clean technologies;
- sensors in environmental control;
- sources of radiation and protection technologies;
- waste processing technologies and management;
- biotechnology in environmental protection;
- energy and environment;
- modelling, simulation and optimization for environmental protection;
- technologies for drinking and industrial water;
- life cycle assessment of products;
- sustainable production and consumption;
- environmental strategies and policies;
- cost-benefit analysis in environmental protection;
- eco-industry and environmental market;
- education for sustainable development.

This journal address researchers, designers, academic staff, specialists with responsibilities in the field of environmental engineering, protection and management from governmental organizations (central and local administrations, environmental protection agencies) or from the private or public companies. Also, graduates of specialization courses or of the Environmental Engineering and Management profile, as well as other specialists may find in this journal a direct linkage between the offer and request of the market concerned with the protection of the environment and the administration of natural resources in the national and international context.

The journal was conceived as a means to develop scientific and technical relationships between people who offer and request solutions for environmental protection and conservation of natural resources, creating thus the premises to enhance the transfer of technology and know-how, the confirmation and implementation of ecological products and services.
We are glad to mention that EEMJ publishes the Proceedings of the International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Management, held at two years intervals, since 2002, and organized by our Department of Environmental Engineering and Management.
Further details concerning the journal, Editorial Board and the conferences can be found on the WEB sites and

Environmental Engineering and Management Journal (EEMJ) is included in:
Chemical Abstracts Service/SciFinder (ACS)
EBSCO Database
Index Copernicus Journal Master List (ICV/2007=9.00)
Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition (Thomson ISI)
The National University Research Council
Science Citation Index Expanded™ (Thomson ISI)
Thomson ISI Master Journal List
Web of Science® (Thomson ISI)

We would like to know some information about the procedure required to be pursued in order to include Environmental Engineering and Management Journal in ChemWeb database.

Thanking you for your kindness, please receive our best wishes,

Professor Maria Gavrilescu,
Managing Editor of EEMJ

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