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by ChemWeb Support last modified 05-09-08 03:26 AM

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A journal of an article

Posted by Herney Ramirez at 08-29-09 10:55 AM
I am writing a paper and I like to know if it is possible to know the journal where the autor Centi G, published the article with title: "Catalytic wet H2O2 oxidation of olive oil mills wastewater: development of a Fe/ZSM-5 catalyst system".
This is because I have the follow reference: CPS, Chemeng/0011003.
Thanks by your help.
Herney Ramirez
National University of Colombia, Professor.

A journal of an article

Posted by Victor Rakhimov at 10-29-09 09:30 PM
Go to; register for free, enjoy!

a chromate-free wash primer

Posted by Alexandr Pavlovich at 04-22-10 02:35 AM
autor Foster T. et al. published article wiht title "search for a chromate-free wash primer"


Posted by Leticia Gonzalez at 10-01-10 07:30 AM
I need information about of penicilloic acid.
Help me please!!!

An error by open a Journals

Posted by Svetlana Saenkova at 03-16-12 12:57 AM
I`ve subscribed successfully.
With a choose of any Journal I have a message "Error Type
KeyError Error Value 'jid'"
Could you please guide me how to make a journal issues available to view?
thanks in advance for support!

Please help me

Posted by muna hussein at 03-06-13 10:04 PM
I want your help in providing research
titled(porphyrazine compound)
So please showed me any information regarding this search
I am thankful that you
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